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Share the name of an alum doing inspiring work. Please provide first and last names for all Principia alumni mentioned and include a brief statement on their work.


Please provide first and last names for all Principia alumni mentioned in the news you share. Principia reserves the right to edit and abbreviate news submissions. 

Class Notes Submission Guidelines

"Alumni News" appears in Principia Purpose, a biannual publication for and about Principia alumni and former faculty and staff. We welcome your news and photographs. If you follow these submission guidelines, we’re more likely to be able to include your update.


Please provide first and last names of all those pictured and indicate who attended Principia. Photographs that are dark, out of focus, or grainy usually cannot be used. Even images that look fine on a computer screen aren’t always of a high enough quality for a print publication. To improve the likelihood that your photo will be published, please make every effort to submit a digital image that meets the specifications below.

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Please scan all printed images at a minimum setting of 300 dpi. (Occasionally, smaller images can be used.)

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If you are taking an image with a smartphone or digital camera, please ensure that your camera is set to the highest possible image-quality setting.

Please submit all images as the original JPEG. We will take care of any photo touchup or resizing that is needed. Do not submit photos that have been dropped into Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, etc. 

Principia accepts no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, or photographs.


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