Men and Women:

125 Years of Alumni Impact


“The world needs purposeful men and women—men and women who are fitted to be leaders in every avenue of righteous activity.”
Mary Kimball Morgan


The alumni assembled here are a sliver of the broad Principia family, but they demonstrate a commonality that unites the whole: they are purposeful men and women, the leaders whom the world badly needs. They can be found elevating their fields, illuminating discoveries, creating masterpieces, and–always–serving humanity. In the words of our former editor, Dr. Trudy Palmer, “There’s a whole world out there, and Principians are doing things in the world. Let’s find out what.”


“Principia reinforced my sense of being a citizen of the world and wanting to serve the world. I learned a responsibility for being a force for good.”

  —Ifigenia Xifre (US’09, C’13)

Principia’s alumni go forth with a mission to serve and a full toolkit of change. Today, the global perspectives and unsinkable spirit of service learned at Principia can be found leavening governments, non-profits, and the private sector. These Principians and countless more are making their mark on the world—uplifting lives, protecting the planet, and promoting cooperation through their work.


“Innovation.” The ubiquitous buzzword is often associated with new products or technological developments, but these Principia innovators bring a fresh approach to the topic. Below, meet a tech CEO obsessed with the Battle of Waterloo, a visual effects pioneer inspired by a music abroad, and a designer who launched his iconic ideas from the cockpit of a B-17. These alumni were shaped by Principia’s whole-person approach–a foundation that enabled them to be versatile, out-of-the-box thinkers.


“Education is not an accumulation of facts but an unfoldment of ideas. Pupils are taught to do their own thinking... to think, to reason, to perceive, to act.”

  —Mary Kimball Morgan

This is a small portion of the broad Principia family. But in their ongoing pursuit of learning—of new discoveries, fresh vistas, and a deeper discernment of their disciplines—they demonstrate the unfoldment of infinite ideas. They have enriched our understanding of the world and its origins, of ourselves and each other, and they play a huge role in shaping where we go from here.


“There is a seed of reality inside imagination. Knowing how to find that and grow it is something that was repeated over and over again in my Principia education.”

  —Christine Corday (US’88, C’92)

This small collection of Principia’s creatives are defined by a common trait: their irresistible drive to create. Only a small portion of them arrived at Principia to study the pursuit that ultimately defined their careers, and all of them have navigated their professional lives entirely by the near-blinding light of their unique creative drive. They create, elucidate, and celebrate their worlds.


“A life of selfless service is the only road to genuine happiness. Men and women who forget self in a desire to serve God and mankind learn the meaning of the joy of an endless life.”

  —Mary Kimball Morgan

These selfless, compassionate, and globally-minded Principians— including a Christian Science nurse, human rights officer, and refugee advocate—are examples of Principians who find joy in the service of their fellows. They show that even when facing seemingly overwhelming and intractable issues, there is hope to be found and progress to be made.