Jacqueline Adams (C’72)

Empowering women leaders of color

As a senior at Principia, Jackie Adams helped organize a conference about the future. Economist Robert Theobald, author of Alternative Future for America, said something that would shape her career: “You’ll never be able to afford to retire. Make sure that your work and your plea- sure are one. That way you’ll never resent having to work forever.”

Adams took the advice to heart. Over the subsequent half-century, she has enjoyed great pleasure in three careers: two decades as an Emmy Award-winning CBS News correspondent, including five years as a White House correspondent; two more decades as a media relations consultant and philanthropist focused on foreign policy, the arts, education reform, and diversity issues; and most recently, as the co-author of A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up to Lead, Empower and Thrive and a series of proprietary surveys about generational diversity, cultural intelligence, and Women of Color in Business.

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