Julie Finnin Day (US’87, C’91)

Julie Finnin Day is a collector of stories. As a journalist, an educator, and executive director of a non-profit that provides support and advocacy for an oft-overlooked community, Day has spent her adulthood—not to mention quite a few teenage years—shining a light on unseen and unappreciated human stories.

While she may be driven by her heart—her preternatural capacity for compassion—she is enabled by her head. Day’s innate ability to multitask and adjust on the fly made her an effective editor at The Christian Science Monitor, a multitalented independent homeschool educator, as well as the successful executive director of Rainbow Valley Resource Network, a community resource for Christian Science families of loved ones with special needs.

“Principia gave me the chance to be a ringleader,” smiles Day. “Writing was the avenue that developed my communication and thinking skills, but it was really the opportunity to step into leadership roles” that prepared her for her life’s work as a humanitarian. Now that’s a story that needs to be told.

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