Jayme (Walker) Holcomb (C’83)

Leading law enforcement with Principle

A Principia College internship with the Boston Police Department proved pivotal in Jayme Holcomb’s career. A law enforcement lifer, she began her career as a police officer with the Houston Police Department before going on to earn a law degree and defend the United States in litigation matters.

From there, Holcomb transitioned to working on criminal law issues with a federal law enforcement agency, eventually sharing her substantial expertise with others by providing legal instruction to federal law enforcement personnel. She became the first person to serve as the legal instruction section supervisor at the agency, ultimately serving as supervisor for 20 years. 

Throughout her career, Holcomb has stayed focused on acting from a basis of Principle and listening to divine Mind at the forefront of her thought. “Principle was present the whole way, guiding everything that was going on,” she says.

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