Lucia Ifigenia “Ifi” Xifre Villar (US’09, C’13)

Uruguayan “Ambassador for Good”

Lucia Ifigenia Xifre Villar, better known as Ifi, has always been a citizen of the world. As an Uruguayan national studying in the U.S., she relished her global experiences—from negotiating at Model U.N. to exploring a different culture during the Japan abroad. After a few years work- ing in the College Admissions department, she returned to Uruguay with public service in mind. She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working double-time to earn her master’s degree in diplomacy from the University of Oxford. Now, Xifre Villar is Head of Consular Affairs and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Uruguay in Tel Aviv, Israel. When navigating the pressures and complexities of foreign affairs, Xifre Villar says it helps to step back and “realize good is at work.” Ultimately, she notes, we can all be “ambassadors for good.”

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