Heather Jackson (C’16)

Advancing solutions at the intersection of government and sustainability

Draw a Venn diagram of three challenging issues, and you will find Heather Jackson working right in the center. Jackson’s Principia focus on political science, global studies, and sustainability provided the perfect foundation for her career: whether she's working on agroforestry in West Africa or environmental governance projects in Asia.

Influenced by her India-Nepal abroad and a U.S. State Department study program, Jackson began to implement these programs with AFS-USA, even winning a State Department grant to produce a virtual media literacy program during the pandemic.

She credits Principia’s global studies program with preparing her for the intersectionality and interconnectedness of global development. She says Principia preparation was “super influential in how I think about global issues—how complicated and interconnected they can be.” The middle of those circles is quite an intersection indeed.

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