Alice Lhotellier (C’01)

Re-homing Ukrainian refugees

Alice Lhotellier has spent the better part of her career teaching English in France. But when the Russia-Ukraine war began in early 2022, Lhotellier sprang into action. In response to the crisis, she started Dunkerque Ukraine, an association aimed at supporting Ukrainian refugees in Dunkirk, France.

Now, Lhotellier spends her time with Ukrainian wom- en, helping them settle and establish new lives in France.

Throughout the process of finding host families, housing, and employment, Lhotellier’s confidence that harmony is present has led to creative solutions.
She is heartened by her neighbors who have softened the landing of those fleeing the war. “People are ready to help each other and give time and energy, sharing their home to make sure other families are safe,” says Lhotellier.

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