Dr. Yumio Saneyoshi (US’89)

Creating community in the digital space

From Principia to Harvard Business School to creating some of the most-used digital products in the world, Yumio Saneyoshi’s success has grown out of a combination of technical knowledge and innate under- standing of people. As the co-founder of Yahoo! Answers and leader of Google+, Saneyoshi combined technology with community to help people communicate and collaborate.

Pre-pandemic, he created the Penguin Coding School in his Sunday School basement to help kids learn next-generation coding. Thanks to his online community-building, Penguin now has five in-person schools, over 600 students, and employs 30 coding teachers around the country. Now running his own school, Saneyoshi looks back on Principia fondly: “It’s important to feel that an institution cares. I feel strongly that Prin cared.”

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