Christopher Shays (C’68)

For as long as he can remember, Congressman Christopher Shays has been captivated by the American story.  His ingrained love of country, and fascination with the birth and political and economic growth of the United States, found a welcomed home at Principia.
“Principia made me realize that not only did I want to work in government, I actually wanted to serve in the government as an elected official,” the Congressman recounts. “At Principia, skilled and motivated professors—whose love for history, politics and Christian Science spoke to me—helped instill in me a sense of purpose, knowledge and conviction that I could make a contribution in the very government I love.”
After the Peace Corps, working as a Mayor's aide, and grad school—where he earned both an MBA and MPA from NYU—Shays pursued his passion and ran for office. His 34 collected years in public office—13 as a Connecticut State Representative and 21 as Member of Congress—were distinguished by a practical streak, and willingness to reach across the aisle in order to better serve his constituents. 
A crusader for campaign finance reform and congressional ethics, and a key leader in the passage of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations, Congressman Shays credits Principia and Christian Science with giving him the secret to his success in American politics: “Thanks to Principia and Christian Science, I sought to see the best in everyone and never held a grudge.”

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