Dr. Auburn Sheaffer (US’81)

Urban education advocate

“Principia supported me in marching to the beat of a different drummer,” recounts Dr. Auburn Sheaffer. “I was an independent thinker. Idealistic, mission-driven, ready to take on the world.”

Today, the stakes are higher, but the spirit is the same. Dr. Sheaffer is an award-winning writer and celebrated Moth story-teller with an MFA from Uni- versity of Michigan, as well as a paradigm-threatening thinker with a PhD in urban education policy.

Dr. Sheaffer teaches English at the University of Toledo while completing her opus, a rallying cry for a new educational model. “The way I define myself now is, independent researcher and activist scholar.” Idealistic, mission-driven, ready to take on the world?

She’s still got it.

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