Carolyn "Cary" Singleton (C'76)

Fostering financial freedom

Long before it was a cliché, Cary Singleton sensed the insanity of doing things the same way and expecting different outcomes. Deterred from pursuing law because “I did not want to spend my life using case history to solve a problem,” Singleton followed her numerous interests, broad set of talents, and her personal ethos: “Don’t question why you’re in a situation, just listen and move forward. The answer is right in front of you.” 

This led her from making breakthroughs at a defense contractor to working in violence prevention; from journalism to video games. Today, the Singleton Foundation promotes financial freedom and inspires entrepreneurism through engaging games, tools, and knowledge-sharing resources. 

“It’s important to figure out what makes you sing. What is your voice? We all have a gift to give, and it’s not always what someone else says.”

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