Mary Ann Sprague-Denison (C’84)

Leveling the playing field

Renowned former Principia volleyball coach and associate athletics director, Mary Ann Sprague-Denison, has a new endeavor—leveling the playing field of sports and making activity accessible to children. “I want to make it easy for kids to get active, to have fun, and be fit,” she says.

After moving to California, Sprague-Denison founded Active Discovery, a non-profit that creates activity toolkits and curriculum resources to support the integration of learning and movement and to serve as relationship builders between kids and mentors, staff, and parents. Each Active Discovery kit aims to inspire active minds and bodies and includes learning materials related to athletics, music, cooking, art, and more. Active Discovery partners with Title 1 schools, YMCAs, housing authorities, and others, supporting organizations that are already working to help financially-vulnerable children.

Sprague-Denison hopes that these games, activities, and events will help kids find community, discover a new passion, and get moving!

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