Monique Stauder (US’86)

Globe-trotting photojournalist

Inspired by her Upper School teachers, Monique Stauder pursued a degree in international relations, earning a master’s at Geneva’s prestigious IHEI. But studying these macro dynamics uncovered her true passion: “I wanted to put a face to the people I was studying . . . From there, I was hooked.”

As a photojournalist, Stauder’s photos of war zones, dramatic rescues, and the trials and triumphs of daily life present a tapestry of humanity that is as arresting as it is authentic. Leading up to Y2K, Stauder had an epiphany. “I wanted to document life around the center of the world–the Equator–at the beginning of the third millennium. I booked a plane ticket and left; no keys and no bills.” After five years, the result was her award-winning double flip book, Latitude Zero.

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