Roger Strelow (US’60, C’64)

E.P.A. founding father

Growing up a Principian, child of a Principia teacher, you learn to be guided by Principle. From the time he joined Principia’s Public Affairs Conference (PAC), Roger Strelow was certain that the law and good policy can improve people’s lives.

While working at the then-U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Strelow got a call from a Principia classmate who was working on the White House staff with a question: Could he help the President tackle the problem of a worsening environment?

Accepting the challenge, Stre- low was instrumental in establishing, and serving as the Assistant Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency—addressing thorny issues at home and abroad, and shaping policy and drafting federal laws that helped decrease automobile emissions, rid the skies of pollution, and create a safer, healthier population.

In public and private sectors— and as a Principia Trustee—Strelow has helped institutions adhere to Principle. “Stick with Principle. Be nice about it, but stick to it. Principle will carry the day.”

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